DATE: NOV 3-5 | FRI @ 6:30PM - SUN @ 10AM

109 Davis Rd, Valencia, PA 16059

COST: $55



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Thrive will be hosting it's first ever Fall Retreat called REACH. Reach is a two and a half day, overnight experience that will be focused on bringing students closer to each other as we serve and reach our community. Students will participate in various outreach projects in the area as well as participate in powerful services and have fun playing games with other teenagers. 


What are the sleeping arrangements?

The students will be sleeping at Crossway church. There is a specific isolated sleeping area guys and girls. Each sleeping area will be staffed with adult chaperones. We strictly enforce the rule that nobody is permitted in the sleeping quarters of the opposite gender.

What do the students need to bring?

The students will need: Toiletries, Towels, Bible, Air mattress/Sleeping bag, Blanket, Pillow, Clothes for 3 days (extra clothing is encouraged), Athletic clothing, swimsuits (guys must wear swimming trunks, no speedos | girls must wear a one piece, two-piece that covers the stomach, or a dark t-shirt over the suit.)

Will beds be provided?

No. Students should bring a pillow and some sort of sleeping bag or air mattress.

Will showers be provided?

Yes, shower times will be limited due to the fact that there are only two showers in the church.

Are cell phones allowed?

Cellphones are allowed, but strongly discouraged. We realize the importance of having a cellphone available in case of emergency, but we also realize that cellphones can distract from what God wants to do during this weekend.

Should students bring money?

Students will not need money for Reach. The fee for the retreat will cover all expenses needed.

What about students who drive?

Students are permitted to drive to Reach. However, all students who drive are asked to submit their keys. This prevents students from leaving unexpectedly, helping all adult chaperones to account for every student and avoid any liability.

What if my student needs to leave at some point during the week?

Since Reach is only a weekend event, we encourage all students to make being at Reach for its entirety the highest priority. However, if a student needs to leave for an obligation, they will be permitted to leave and return. Students under 18 must have an adult sign them out and back in.

What does Reach’s admission cost cover?

The admission will help cover the costs of supplies, games, and outings for the weekend and food.

Will there be chaperones?

Yes, a team of cleared adults will be at Reach to ensure the safety and transportation of every student.

What if my student has allergies?

Make sure to list all relevant allergies on the registration form.

What if my child has medication?

Any medications will need to be handled by the teenager. They are responsible for taking their meds at the proper times. Any special instructions, in regards to medication, please let us know.

Still have unanswered questions?

Contact Pastor Buddy ( 




• All events at the Retreat are mandatory for each student.

• Music is not to be played at the retreat, whether aloud, or in ear. We are here to connect with each other.

• Cell phones are allowed but strictly prohibited to the use of pictures throughout the weekend. Cellphones should not be out at any time during weekend activities. There will be designated times where phones will be permitted. If a parent needs to get in contact with a student, contact Pastor Buddy at 724-524-0546.

• Students are not permitted to enter the sleeping areas of the members of the opposite sex. This will be strictly enforced.

• Students will respect and listen to the adult leaders at all times during the retreat. This will help to ensure an incredible experience at the retreat.

• Students will respect the property. Any damage done to the church property will be the responsibility of the parents.

• Consistent violation of these rules will result in the immediate dismissal of the student from the retreat. Transportation from the retreat will be the responsibility of the parents.

• Finally, HAVE FUN! This is going to be an awesome weekend.